Desire and Libido

Synaptic pathways

Desire and Libido In a recent post I wrote I mentioned that libido is a type of desire, and how desire and sexual desire–ie: libido–are not separate forces within us but stem from the same root. In this post, I hope to elaborate upon this idea and provide a useful roadmap for regaining healthy desire and zeal for life. Libido … Read More

Burnout: Adaptogens versus TapRoot


Burnout: Adaptogens versus TapRoot We have been receiving an increasing number of e-mails from people recently who are talking about their burnout and use of stimulating adaptogens, wondering if we have a product for them. These are e-mails from people ranging in age from their early twenties to their fifties and sixties. Sometimes people will use the term burnout when … Read More

Making Cistanche Tonic Formulas at Home

Cistanche tubulosa

Ever since I first tried Cistanche tubulosa several years ago I have been hooked. While many Yang tonics can leave people feeling depleted over the long haul, further exacerbating an overstimulated, though burnt out, lifestyle, Cistanche seems to work deeper (but slower) and produces stronger and  more dramatic benefits. At RAW Forest Foods, we usually only refer to Cistanche by its Latin … Read More

The Difference Between Concentrated and Standardiz

Herbal Pharmacy

The Difference Between Concentrated and Standardized Powdered Extracts Powdered herb extracts come in two forms: the concentrated extract and the standardized powdered extract. Because these two products are similar, and because they look similar, most people do not consider the differences between the two. But the differences exists, and it is worth understanding how the differences affect the final product. … Read More

A Deeper Understanding of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidu

Wild Reishi

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) continues to capture of mind, heart, and imagination of us at RAW Forest Foods. And it is no surprise, because being in the presence of the fungi in the wild, and using this fungi, awakens in you the presence of a deeper wisdom. Reishi holds that wisdom. Personally, I am just as excited to read contemporary research … Read More

Uncovering some of the Medical and Scientific Pine

Books in the Forest

Uncovering some of the Medical and Scientific Pine Pollen Research While the research–to put it mildly–into Pine Pollen is still in its infancy here in the West, this is not the case in China, which since the early 1980′s Pine Pollen has enjoyed scientific and medical research into its efficacy as a medicine and medicinal herb. The problem (if it … Read More

Tongkat Ali, Clomid, and Secondary Hypogonadism

Hypothalamus Pituitary Gonadal Axis

Tongkat Ali, Clomid, and Secondary Hypogonadism Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) has long been one of my favorite androgenic herbs for reversing hypogonadism. The action of Eurycoma longifolia is unique in the body for the way in which it activates the hypothalamus – pituitary – gonadal  axis. This makes Tongkat Ali a standout herb for restarting a sluggish male reproductive system. … Read More

The Difference Between Tonifying and Strengthening

Qi Flow

The Difference Between Tonifying and Strengthening Herbs In Traditional (TCM) and classic Chinese medicine, Some herbs are used to tonify and some herbs are used to strengthen. To the casual ear, these two actions seems like synonyms: two words with the same definition. But while both can be used to enhance Qi (and even Jing), they are two separate words, … Read More